Dumb Phones For Smarties

Dumb phones are smart.

You’re no dummy, though, so you already knew that.

Dumb phones are more durable and reliable than their fragile counterparts.  Their batteries typically last longer than those on the newer smartphones.  They’re also much easier to use.  Plus, here in 2015, they’re a whole lot smaller than those ginormous smart phones they’re coming out with nowadays.  Can you believe the new trends?  It’s like we’re going back to the 80’s with those big ole brick phones.

And let’s face it…

Dumbphones are way cheaper than smartphones.

  • The phone itself is cheaper.
  • The monthly plan is cheaper.
  • There are no data charges (or the plan is like $10/mo).
  • You don’t need to buy insurance.
  • And they still work after being dropped on the floor.
  • Repeatedly.

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