My Pantech Pursuit 2: 5 Years Old And Still Going Strong

pantech pursuit 2 basic cell phone for sale

Have I really had this Pantech Pursuit 2 for that long?  I guess so.  We got two of them when they first came out…both of ours were a metallic green, but they also come in metallic pink.  I used mine for what, 2-3 years?  Then I finally caved and got myself an iPhone.  So I passed my phone down to my son, because he was begging to finally have his own cell phone.

Two years later, and we traded again!

He’s a teenager now and so you know, teenagers will commit suicide if they don’t have a smartphone haha.  Well, okay, he’s actually not that spoiled, but he really wanted one, so I traded him my upgraded iPhone for my old Pantech slide phone.

I can’t believe how scratched up the face of it is now.  It’s probably been dropped a million times onto the pavement at his school.

But it still works great!  And I forgot how much I missed the old keyboard!  Being able to actually feel those buttons — as opposed to just the touchscreen on the smart phone — is so nice.  It makes texting so much easier with that full keyboard and raised buttons.  What is that?  Tactile…something something?  I forget what they call that.  But anyways, I like it.

My old standby...takes a lickin'...keeps on tickin'.
My old standby…takes a lickin’…keeps on tickin’.

And my battery lasts way longer than the iPhone did, that’s for sure.

Have you missed me baby?  Aww…Daddy missed you too.  Smooch.   😉