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5 Basic Slide Phones Under $100

NOTE: All of these phones have cameras. If you’re looking for a basic cell phone with NO CAMERA, check out the Samsung A157v (AT&T).

Samsung Flight 2

Trying to decide on the right cell phone is not always as easy as it seems. You’ll want to carefully check out each phone’s features so you can choose the one that’s right for you and meets your needs without breaking your budget. Perhaps you already asked yourself “why not choose a slider phone?” so here you are.

There are actually some distinct advantages to slider phones compared to other types of cell phones, so let’s hit on a couple of those briefly and then take a look at some good slide phones from reputable manufacturers to see what they have to offer.

Right up front I think it’s just honest to let you know that I’ve actually only owned two of these five phones (the Samsung Flight 2 and Pantech Pursuit 2…and I presently still use the Pursuit here in 2015), and I can say firsthand that they’re both pretty decent phones. I haven’t personally owned the other three, but I think I’ve researched them enough to help you see whether they’re a good fit for you.

5 Basic Slider Phones Covered In This Article…

Advantages Of Slide Phones

With the latest trends towards large-screen phones, the older-style slider phones are actually much more compact than any smartphones nowadays. So these phones are very compact, very durable, super affordable and very user-friendly.

Have you ever dropped a $40 basic slide phone on the ground? No biggie, right? It still works fine. Now compare that with dropping an $800 smartphone on the ground…yikes.

Many sliders are designed for easy texting and have a good sized QWERTY keyboard, yet they can still fit comfortably in your pants’ coin pocket or that skinny leg pocket in your carpenter jeans.

Samsung SGH A777

Samsung SGH A777Okay, so first up let’s start with one of the most basic – yet reliable –slide phones out there: the Samsung SGH A777.

Samsung’s A777 is a perfect example of today’s mid-range feature phones. It has a sturdy design with a multimedia feature, and it is really easy to call. Along the right side you will find a microSD card slot and a music player key. SGH A777 holds up to 1,000 contacts, and it contains room for multiple phone numbers under each contact.

If you’re not interested in texting very often and just want a mobile phone, then this is it. This Samsung offers a sliding face that hides just a basic, alphanumeric keyboard…no big fat QWERTY keyboard to weigh you down. In fact, the A777 model has an average weight of about 4 ounces.

So if you are in search of solid slider type of cell phone without all the bells and whistles, this model of Samsung is a great choice. Its screen is clear and bright, and that makes it even more attractive.

For over 70 years Samsung has been dedicated to improving the world with advanced technologies, and their user experiences goes beyond your expectations. So this South Korean company will not disappoint you with the quality of their products. Samsung is one of the most popular cell phone brands on the planet for a reason.

LG Xpression C395

LG Xpression C395When you are unable to buy smartphone nowadays, it is easy to go for a powerful and solid slider phone which will provide you with up to date features. So you should be searching for quality 3G phones.

LG Xpression C395 will definitely fit the bill, and this mobile is worth dollar. It boasts a slide out QWERTY keyboard and 240×240 pixel resolution touchscreen display. So the QWERTY keyboard is specially designed for people who love messaging fast and easily.

Other features include a 2 megapixel camera, which is a great offer for this price. You will also have features like: a personal organizer, 2.1. version of Bluetooth, messaging and email, voice dialing, an additional web browser, very basic music player, and also a microSD slot card (which holds up to 32 GB).

It runs on your basic LG operating system, but you will also find social network apps, so this is an extra advantage that sets this model above your basic phones. It also has lots of additional widgets to meet your personal and business needs.

You can easily drop music and video files into your microSD slot card from your computer and put this slot card into the phone; now you will have lots of music files (microSD goes up to 32 GB).

And what about battery life, you ask? It lasts for days on end. Unlike the energy-sucking smart phones which only last for half a day, this one only needs to be charged once a week, if that. You practically have to use this phone 24/7 to need more than one charge per week.

Like Samsung, LG is another popular brand in the mobile tech world. It is the fourth biggest South Korean company which is specialized in advanced technologies. So if you want very impressive, beautifully designed and multi-functional phone LG Xpression C395 is a fantastic choice.

Alcatel Sparq II

Alcatel Sparq IIAnother good choice for its incredibly low price is the Alcatel Sparq II cell phone (it’s the cheapest of the five). Their motto is very simple “stay connected with your family and friends with email and text.” So yes it’s another good choice for an average slider cell phone.

Now let’s take a look at its features.

Easy texting and easy calling is all what we need from basic cell phone, so you get both by this solid phone. You will also get a superfast speed with the Sparq II’s 2G/3G/4G compatability.

This phone has solid body and smooth slider operation. Despite the fact that this it also has a touchscreen keyboard, the slide out QWERTY is unbeatable when it comes time for messaging.

Another great thing about this phone is that it has a battery life which last for weeks, maybe for months!

No, I’m kidding 😉

But with a standby run time of 400 HOURS, it could technically go for over two weeks before dying…unless you use it haha.

Anyways, you can try it yourself and you’ll be impressed by the quality of battery. While your top-of-the-line smart phones last maybe 18 hours (if you’re lucky), this sucker will go a full week between charges.

After removing a black plate and inserting your MicroSD slot card into it your mobile phone will recognize that card automatically and changes the default storage for photos, music, videos and programs.

Adding music and photos to your Alcatel phone is very easy. You just have to drop your target file into your MicroSD slot card and put that card into the phone that’s it, there is a more simple way with micro USB data cable, so you just connect this cable to your personal computer and copy all the files you want to transfer.

Sound quality of this phone is way beyond your expectation. Pretty good for a slide phone.

This phone also includes alarm clock, Music/audio playback, Voice mail, Calendar, 2 MP camera with LED flash, video recording, calculator and speakerphone. You will also get Bluetooth which is built in mobile system and built in memory storage of 256 MB, but you can easily add MicroSD slot card up to 32 GB.

There are also extra calling features like call waiting and call forwarding.

Samsung Flight II

Samsung Flight 2The Samsung Flight II is another slider phone with a solid QWERTY keyboard and very easy operating system. But unlike the first Samsung on this list, this one slides open horizontally rather than vertically. And that makes sense, since the other one didn’t have a full QWERTY keyboard and was more just for making phone calls (it can text too, though), but this one is made for texting. But aside that fact the features of this phone is the same as it predecessor.

This model just like Samsung’s other models is very solid and very qualitative. Samsung Flight version II is unique not only in its design, also in its features.

So you get the design with QWERTY keyboard on it, and you slide the keyboard horizontally not vertically and that’s the main difference between this phone and its predecessors. This phone is 4 inches long. Its display looks very unique and colorful.

Like other Samsung’s touch screen mobiles phones (and like the Pantech Pursuit 2 down below), you can customize the Flight II with up to three home screens with different widgets on them. There you can also find the widgets like applications of Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Yahoo Search.

There is another good thing that developers of Samsung focused on its capacitive display rather than resistive option. So you can easily use the operating system, which does not require any additional knowledge or skills (i.e. it’s pretty simple and straightforward to use).

This phone includes a nice size keypad, QWERTY, with large digits and it includes a fastest access to your contact list. Yes you can use the touchscreen keyboard while messaging, but you won’t be as fast as with the slide out QWERTY Keyboard.

Like its predecessors this model also has a motion detection sensor. This is pretty cool. So you can easily silence any incoming call by turning the phone over face down. Turning over your phone during an incoming call will automatically send the caller to voice mail or message them that you are in a meeting.

The Flight II has a large phone book, it covers more than 2,000 contacts (double the amount that the Samsung A777 can hold) and again, in each contact you can save various phone numbers.

Pantech Pursuit II

Pantech Pursuit IIThe last best seller slider phone is definitely Pantech Pursuit II. I actually switched from an Apple iPhone 4 back to this Pantech. Do I miss playing Bejewelled and Tiny Death Star? Sure. Do I miss Yelping stuff when I can’t make up my mind where to eat lunch? Uh huh.

Do I miss that extra $100 bucks or so that I had to pay for all that frickin’ data and insurance and replacing my USBs like every few months? Do I miss being locked in to those 2 year contracts?


This phone has a fun design and it’s very easy to use. And actually, I could use a much cheaper data plan that barely uses a trickle of data to access Facebook, email, etc. But I don’t really need all that. I just use it as a phone, and I have my trusty old iPod Touch to access wifi and take HD photos and videos and all that.

It is 4 inches long phone with a pretty loud ringer. Also you can add microSD slot card to it and copy your music and video files over to/from your computer.

It comes with three different home screens and two of them are customizable. You can use Internet apps, but since I just use my free wifi and iPod for that stuff, I just stick my favorite contacts on there.

Battery of course is the one of the main advantages of this phone. Like so many of the dumbphones out there, this one lasts for days and days between charges. And when it starts beeping that the battery is low and is about to die…relax. You still got like 6 more hours til it will actually crap out on you. That actually gets annoying, because it just keeps doing that beep like every 10 minutes and won’t shut up. I’m like, “Okay, Okay…just die already and stop beeping!” But no…it keeps going all night lol.

The QWERTY keyboard slides out vertically. For my fat thumbs, this is actually a slight disadvantage compared with the Samsung Flight 2 and others that slide out horizontally, as it’s easier to text on a wider keyboard.

But I can live with that.

The camera on this one is not all that impressive compared to today’s HD lenses. But I was impressed that it actually lets you choose your light balance and black white or sepia tones. That was pretty revolutionary for a dumb phone made a few years ago. But as I mentioned already, I hardly use it because I have my iPod.

Okay, that’s it. Five really good slide phones, each of them coming in at way under $100…several of them under $50. And not only do you save money on the phone itself, but the savings continue as you don’t have that fat data plan sucking your life savings away month after month.

I hope this helps you find what you’re looking for!  🙂