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Samsung Convoy 3: Durable Flip Phone With Good Camera And Flash

Samsung Convoy 3NOTE:  There is also a non-camera version of the Convoy 3 for Verizon –> SEE HERE

Verizon Wireless customers in the market for a rugged flip cell phone with a decent camera don’t have to compromise, thanks to the Samsung Convoy 3.

To begin with, advanced device camera function here includes convenient, one-handed navigation, and full, 3.2 megapixels image capture.

True to the Samsung brand, this energy efficient camera phone also provides unmatched photo-smart light balance, white balance, exposure metering, and simple arrow zoom capability that allows the user to easily snap each image. White balance ranges from interior incandescent or fluorescent light, to daylight or even cloudy day settings.


Built to military specs for resistance to shock, dust, humidity and temperature extremes, the Convoy 3 is just about the best basic camera phone for construction workers, hikers and outdoors enthusiasts.

Battery Life

  • Talk time:  5 hours 30 minutes
  • Standby time:  3 weeks

Camera Features

It offers a preview mode displayed on either full or standard screen, and also allows for basic photo editing options like using images for wallpaper or sending video picture messaging. The Convoy 3 allows picture takers to use select photo effects including black and white, antique (sepia) or negative. Additional camera settings let the user toggle between camera and camcorder (video) modes, in order to shoot continuous, mosaic, single frame, and panorama images.

Picture resolution can also be adjusted from a minimum of 0.3 megapixels (low quality) to the full 3.2 megapixels (high quality) as desired. The camera’s flash settings can easily be turned to automatic, on, single-shot, and no flash respectively. The phone’s settings mode allows the user to set personalized preferences including shutter sound, memory, auto name and picture review details.

Saturation, contrast and sharpness are additional settings that can be tweaked per user preference. Photo capture memory can also be set to either the phones internal memory, or an external SD expansion memory card for convenient picture back-up to your computer.

The ISO settings for Convoy 3 are another feature that sets this cell phone apart from its competitors. The ISO setting is an adjustment that allows the cell phone to recognize light sensitivity. The lower the setting, the less sensitive (but less grainy), and so forth. So you would use ISO 100 outdoors in full sunlight, ISO 200 for overcast or shady conditions, or ISO 400 for low light shots. ISO 400 would also be used in bright daylight to bring out the phones highest shutter speed for action photography.

Photo Tip: If you love look of old school, grainy film black and white photography, try setting your Convoy 3 to b/w mode and ISO 400 and shoot without flash, even if there’s enough available light to shoot at ISO 100.

Good pictures revolve around ISO and how a camera can perform. In addition to shutter speed and aperture, this light setting is what gives the Convoy 3 an edge over many other flip phone models. The image sensor is the single most expensive component for a good quality camera, and this phone delivers.