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Cheap AT&T Flip Phone Under $20 With No Camera

samsung a157v cell phone review

If you’re looking for a good deal on a really cheap, basic cell phone for work that doesn’t have a camera and that will work with AT&T — preferably one under $20 — then there aren’t many options out there…unless you sign up for a 2 year contract and all that.

But to just buy a basic flip phone for next to nothing?  Does such a phone exist?


Yes, there are cell phones that cheap out there.  You can find quality new, used, and refurbished phones in that price range.

One of the best cheap mobile phones for sale online today is the Samsung A157v.

Samsung a157v

The Samsung A157v flip phone is as basic as they come.  No wifi capability.  Limited web (Yahoo email and Yahoo search only).  No camera.  No media player.  No Candy Crush.  No Bluetooth.  No voice controls.

It has an alarm and phone book function, speakerphone, stuff like that.  But not much else.  It’s a cheap 3G phone, and that’s about it.

And as mentioned, there is no camera phone built in, so it’s perfect for people whose jobs do not allow camera phones for security reasons.

The A157v is lightweight and compact.  It’s a flip-style phone, so it won’t accidentally dial someone while it’s in your pocket or purse.  The battery life is decent:  300 minutes talk time and 10 hours on standby.

It’s a locked AT&T phone that you can use with your existing AT&T plan.  You just have to put in your old phone’s SIM card (standard size, not micro).  And if you lost your SIM or just don’t have one yet, the folks at AT&T will set you up with one.

This phone is set up as a Go Phone (prepaid), so you can use it that way too if you don’t want a regular cell phone plan.

Can it do texting?


Can you use your ATT iPhone sim card in it?

No, most smartphones use a smaller version of SIM card (micro).  But…you can buy an adapter — like a little sleeve — that your iPhone SIM can slide right into, and then that will work in this phone.

Does it come with a charger, SIM card, and manual?

If you buy it used, it may not have a manual in the box.  If that’s the case, you can actually view/download a PDF version of the manual on Samsung’s site here:


But it does come with a SIM and wall charger, and you can buy other accessories for this phone on Amazon or Samsung.com.  Wherever you buy a cell phone or electronics accessory…be sure to buy from a company that has a return policy…just in case.

UPDATE: I’ve been watching this phone, and it looks like the price on the a157v has been dancing around in the $20 to $30 range lately. I’m not sure if it will drop back down under $20, but I’ll keep an eye on it.   If you look at the link below, it should tell you the current price on Amazon, and if that price is higher than you want, you can actually click it and go straight to Amazon where they will show you other listings for it — perhaps cheaper listings, if available.  Either way, it’s still a great basic phone with cheap accessories avaialable (how about a wall charger for under $1???).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Oh great, now the wall charger is 5 bucks =(