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5 Cool Flip Phones For Kids

There is a whole world of availability out there for phones from the most basic to the all singing all dancing smartphones that can do everything except take the trash out. Your kids are no doubt looking for the latest and greatest from you, and for whatever reasons, you don’t want them to have a smartphone.


However, you have come to the right place, because there are plenty of other options to keep you in control of how your children use the phone. Below we have chosen five of the coolest flip phones for kids. We hope to give you options here that you and your children will be happy with. Amongst a bewildering array of phones the industry want you to buy, we have scoured the net and found five basic cell phones that come with plenty of great features, but don’t come with the expense and safety concerns of providing smart phones to your kids.

Here’s a quick peek at the 5 flips covered in this article…

1. Sharp Docomo SH-03E

docomo sharp waterproof phoneThis one has all the functionality you could expect from a small flip phone. So much so that the word “cool” should be in its name. From concept through build this phone has been designed from the ground up to look exciting, innovative and trendy and scores top marks on every one of these criteria. More than aesthetics though, this little handset has features in abundance. Below are the most notable…

  • Multi-color notification lights
  • 5 megapixel HD camera
  • Supports MP3 / MP4
  • Robust, reliable design
  • Waterproof (or at least, water resistant)

As cool flip phones for kids go, this has it all in abundance. It looks good. Performs excellently and the water resistant feature also makes it ideal for kids. The safety aspect of very limited internet availability ticks a few boxes for you parents out there who are rightly concerned about the smartphone market, and the inherent problems providing these to your children.

Keep reading though, we still have plenty of other options to explore.

2. Motorola Ming A1200

Motorola Ming A1200From the second you look at this phone you will be mesmerised by its good looks. From one of the world’s foremost manufacturers, Motorola offers a wide range of phones and have designed this specifically to look cool, be attractive, and also to provide functionality. Just to whet your appetite, here are a few of those features – you will be amazed!

  • Quad-band GSM
  • Chic, aesthetically pleasing design
  • 2.4 inch touch screen
  • 2 megapixel camera / camcorder (basic yet adequate)
  • Micro SD expansion to 16gb
  • 7.4 hours talk time on one fully charged battery

It’s difficult to think of more functionality in such a small, perfect package. If your kids are at you for the latest and greatest phone, then we are certain that this phone will tick a good number of your boxes – fashionable and safe, hard to go wrong with this one.

3. Casio GZOne Boulder

Casio Gzone BoulderThis Verizon flip phone is sweet.

This is not a feature rich phone, but it is an excellent looking device, and it’s made with the outdoorsy owner in mind. It’s an oldie but a goody. We’ve covered it at length in another post – along with the newer, practically indestructible Casio G-Zone phones (makers of G-Shock watches).

But here’s a recap…

This is an extremely rugged phone. Built to last, it is waterproof and shockproof within reason. It also has a basic web browser, and the usual SMS / MMS / MP3 and MP4 functions you would expect but the focus for this phone is its sturdiness and the fact that it has been built to last. So, if your kids are prone to breaking things, dropping things or drowning things, then this phone is most certainly worthy of your consideration.

4.  Lenovo MA388

Lenovo MA388The old Lenovo MA388 feels good in the hand and has an old-school executive look. It is easy to use, and although only sporting 2g internet availability has some excellent abilities and differences to the other models described here. Some of these differences are highlighted below.

  • flashlight
  • FM radio
  • 3.5 Inch HVGA screen
  • 2g ready – No capability for 3g or 4g
  • Dual SIM operation
  • SMS / MMS / MP3 / MP4 & Bluetooth compatible

If you are looking for a cool flip phone, at the higher end of the price range then this could be the ideal choice. Again as with all our product reviews we suggest that you have a good look at all 5 products we have looked at here before making a decision. It’s very much a case of weighing the pros and cons of each handset against your own requirements.

5.  Verizon Samsung Alias 2

Samsung Alias 2When you see the name “Samsung”, then like us you know it’s going to be a quality device, built based on research, with a specific market in mind. This is no different when it comes to the Samsung Alias.

Designed and manufactured for Verizon, this is a brilliant phone. Again, it’s ideal for phoning, texting and a few other things outlined below, but it’s not the model to go for if you are looking for a phone with advanced internet functions (for that, you’d want a smartphone). Here’s what it does have…

  • 6-day battery life
  • LCD display on the outside of case as well as full-screen inside
  • Supports SMS / MMS / MP3 & MP4
  • 2 MP Camera & Video function
  • Bluetooth

This is most definitely what you can describe as a cool flip phone for kids with every function that children require on a phone. Moreover, it is a brilliant looking phone and comes from a household name which we all see as reliable, innovative and robust. That’s the Samsung Alias 2.