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5 Best Slide Phones For Texting

If you are used to sliding phones and would prefer to stick with them rather than involving yourself in the horrendously tedious task of choosing between the newest and greatest technical marvels available then you are in the right place.

We have chosen the top 5 slide phones still available on the market. We have picked them apart bit by bit, and below are the results. There is a slide phone here to suit all tastes from the functional to the basic. Crucially though, we looked at the 5 best slide phones for texting because these seem to be the most difficult slide phones to find that you folks are encountering.

LG GT365 Neon

When it comes to ease of use and ease of texting with these types of phone then this stunning LG Neon will really please you. The main user functions are listed below, however, suffice to say that we were very, very impressed with this pocket rocket of a phone. Here are just a few of the functions this beauty has.

  • 2.4 inch touch screen
  • Horizontal QWERTY keyboard (Hard key, not touchscreen)
  • Extremely intuitive user interface
  • SMS/MMS/E-MAIL/2 MP Camera/Bluetooth compatible
  • Micro SD expansion slot to 16 GB
  • Digital audio player

And many, many more benefits besides. There can’t be anyone who would look at this phone and think it provides anything other than fantastic specifications, ease of use which is second to none given that intuitive user interface. However, have a look at our other choices. You will be surprised at the quality of device we have uncovered in this article.

Samsung S425g

When this Samsung model is looked at, you must remember that before the invasion of the smartphone, this would have been considered one of the best phones on the market in terms of slide phones. It is an excellent, feature rich phone that is pleasing on the eye, easy on the brain, but still with all the functionality you will need. Here are just a few reasons that make this phone stand out from the volume of competition.

  • horizontal QWERTY keyboard (hard key)
  • Mobile web access on 3g
  • SMS/MMS/MP3/MP4/Bluetooth compatible
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Micros SD expansion slot to 16GB

As you would expect from the market leader, and in line with this article’s subject, this unit is also designed with ease of use in mind throughout its functionality and specifically in regard to texting. This handset is extremely worthy of its place in this article.

LG Extravert

This basic handset, from LG, offers the essential day to day features, with no frills. If you are the sort of person who uses their phone to make calls and send / receive texts and aren’t interested in all the other available and increasingly complex functions then this could be the phone for you.

When you hold this phone the first thing you will notice is the quality feel of the device. When you then go on to use the phone, you cannot fail to notice the simplicity with which it operates. There are a few facilities this phone has other than calling and texting and we have outlined these below for you.

  • Horizontal QWERTY keyboard (hard key)
  • Touch screen option
  • SMS / MMS / Bluetooth connectivity
  • Hands-free operation
  • Opera mini browser

It should be noted by those of you who are considering this option that it has no capability to connect to WiFi services – internet access is via the mobile web only. That said, for such a basic model, in a low price bracket this is a great choice if it ticks all your boxes.

LG Cosmos Touch VN270 for Verizon

LG Cosmos Touch VN270 can be considered as a basic phone that offers style, user friendliness and a bunch of decent features to the users. This is basically the same as the regular Cosmos model, but this on has been upgraded with a large touchscreen.  On top of everything, the Cosmos Touch comes along with an affordable price tag. The key features of this mobile include a 1.3 megapixel camera, GPS and a full QWERTY keyboard that is great for texting.


It comes along with a stylish design. The developers have reduced its overall dimensions by including a sliding keyboard. This has helped them to include a bigger display as well. It has a 2.8 inch resistive TFT display with a screen resolution of 400*240 pixels. You can find the screen lock key, camera key and the micro SD card slot on the right hand side. The volume controller and micro USB charging port can be found on the left hand side of this phone. It also features the standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

According to customer reviews, the LG Cosmos Touch offers a solid feel to the hands of users. The soft touch paint that can be found on the back door and along with sides have contributed a lot towards the above mentioned fact. The sliding mechanism is smooth and you will not have to put extra effort on it. Therefore, it can be considered as an ideal mobile phone for daily use, especially with its horizontal keyboard for easy texting.


The user interface is similar to Samsung’s TouchWiz. You can find four static icons on the home screen along with contacts, menu, dialer and message buttons at the bottom. Since this is a basic mobile phone, you can expect a slight lag in the user interface compared to today’s expensive smartphones, but it will not cause any major usability issues.


Almost all the LG mobile phones feature excellent quality cameras. This fact is applicable for the Cosmos Touch as well. The 1.3MP camera is perfect for a basic mobile phone like this. Images are good and crisp. However, you will not be able to capture stunning images under low light conditions. Moreover, this mobile phone does not feature a camcorder, so you will not be able to capture videos.


This is a CDMA phone that is compatible with Verizon. It has a decent performance and you will not find any major usability issues. The battery life is pretty impressive as well and you will be able to use it for about 2 days with average usage. The connectivity features such as memory card slot and Bluetooth have played a major role behind the popularity of this device.

On top of everything, it comes at a reasonable price tag under $100. So if you just want a basic sliding phone that’s good for texting and just has basic functionalities, then think of purchasing LG Cosmos Touch VN270. The benefits you get from it are totally worth it.

Motorola Sidekick Slide

This large display screen model by Motorola is an ideal phone for texting and particularly so for those readers who are visually impaired. This handset is the most basic that we have looked at here. While it is an excellent phone with superb reliability and build quality it remains an option for the budget-conscious fans of slide phones.

Alongside the quality of the handset it has made it on this article ahead of stiff competition because of its usefulness to the visually impaired when they are texting. Of course, it has the usual SMS/MMS/MP3 & MP4 capabilities so it’s not entirely without features worth mentioning. If you are looking for a cheap, durable handset to make calls and text then you could do a lot worse than this little number.

  • Horizontal QWERTY keyboard (hard key)
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • JAVA enabled
  • Some service providers will require data plan